What is a Blog

What is a Blog? Learn About Blogging

We will tell you about what exactly is the blog? If you know or don’t know we will explain it to you in detail. You have reached the right place to know about the blog or blogging.

History of a Blog

A blog was started in 1994, it was just like the personal diary that people share it online with others.

After that People saw an opportunity to communicate any information in any new way, then it starts with the word blogging.

In the world, today there are more than 1000 million + blogs available online.

What is a Blog: –

A blog is a website that displays the information. It shows the top post with the latest one appearing first and then the earlier ones.
We can also say that blog is a platform where a writer or group of writers share their views on any topic.

In today’s life, we read, listen to many stories of how the blog changed their life. The blog is not just a platform to share information online to others, Blog can help you to earn a good amount of money every month it may be in thousands, lakhs, or some has reached to crores. It can change your life to a luxurious life.

First, you should do hard & smart work with the latest updates so you can reach your target within 3 to 6 months. We all can do that if we do work in a proper strategy.

Currently, we have many bloggers who earn more money online like Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Negi, & many others.

A blog can consist of: –

The blog can be made for personal use, sharing information with specified people to engage the public. It depends upon the blog owner they can set their blog for the private or public access.

The blog must include text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, offline diaries, any hard copy & any other information, etc.

You can also set up blogs on different platforms like Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and WordPress, or any others.

 Which Niche you should select?

It is the main every new blogger struggle to know to work with which niche. You can start with any niche as every niche has scope, it depends upon which you like & want to work for.

It may be Travel, Blogging, Food, Daily Life, etc.

One of the Blogger I cannot name them here but only with Keyword “chicken soup” earns more than 50000US$ every month.

IMP: – When you start work just work about that Niche, if you work around a single you can reach to earn Million rupees per month after some time.

Please not roll around multiple niches as it will lose your time & money, you will not get success & you will be frustrated and you will lose the time, money & you will leave the blogging. 

Blog or Blogging is becoming popular nowadays!!!

Blogging is growing with each passing day nowadays; the blog can become mainstream as news services began using it for outreach and opinion forming.

It became a new source of information.

How to start writing your blog, follow this structure or you can make it your structure

When you writing the blog, it must be a structure. You should follow the proper format so that it will help the user to understand it. It is the standard we should follow it.

  1. Topic/Title in Header.
  2. Content in small paragraphs.
  3. Use H1,to H6 in different paragraphs, so the user can read that user require.
  4. Put images, infographics, Gifs, & related things.
  5. Write SEO friendly content.
  6. Try to give all details of the title.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Give the options of tall social media platforms so that anyone can share it online.
  9. All options like About us, contact us, & others.

These are all the steps you should follow your blog.

How to make money through your blog?

We will tell how Bloggers earn money. If we tell someone we do blogging so people normally only it is wasting its time & it is not the profession we all understand. If you understand it has the potential to earn more than people working in MNC’s for more than 10 years, also you are known by your personality, not by your organization’s personality.

We will tell you different ways from which you can earn like

  1. Google AdSense or any other search engine AdSense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing of any company products.
  3. Sell your course.
  4. Sell some tools free for a specified time.

There are many other options available, we have mentioned some of the following.

When you start, you must monetize your blog. You also need to build your Google SERPs ranking and your niche influence, it will take plenty of time with quality content, not quantity.

If you are starting a blog to market and boost your existing or new business, you can start offering digital products like eBooks or online courses in exchange for user’s email addresses.


You have come to the right place & it is the right time to start a blog. If you do not start now you will think about why you not started as it will change your life as it depends upon luck but you should start & it will take time but you can earn a good amount of money.

If you start with these things you will grow but follow the rules I have mentioned.

Note:- When writing a blog not copy-paste from other sites it will ban you by Google but you can use & write in your language.

If you think this is the good content share with others or have any doubt just comment, we will clear all your doubts.