GB Instagram- Best Mod of Instagram

GB Instagram

You may sometimes want to save Instagram Images or videos to your gallery directly. But there is no such option available in the Original Instagram. That is why the GB Instagram is developed.

GB Instagram is a mod app of Instagram which uses the same source code of the Instagram and modifies it as per wish to give more advanced features than the original Instagram. You can use it for free.

Why Do you need GB Instagram Over Original Instagram?

You may be thinking that why should you use the GB Instagram over the Original Instagram,. So let us tell you that you are going to get amazing features on the GB Instagram which are not provided on Instagram.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media. So it becomes important for us to stay updated and stand out of the crowd. This GB Instagram is going to help us in these conditions.

GB Instagram Apk is one of the best alternatives to Instagram, you can save the images and videos directly to your gallery or album.

You must avoid the fake apps on the playstore that promise that they can do the same as GB Instagram. They just show ads to you and make their revenue and also some of them may contain malicious codes. So it is better to avoid them.

How can GB Instagram be better than original Instagram?

The GB Instagram apk can be better than the original Instagram app in the following ways.

Multiple Themes

It provides many different themes options that you can set on your Instagram account.

Stories Download

You can download the stories of others without their permission and they will never come to know about this.

Stories Watched

You can see the stories of others without letting them know that you just saw their story.

Features of GB Instagram

  • It allows you to upload images and videos from Alsturi.
  • Gb Instagram app allows users to translate the comment in any language so they can understand the real meaning of the comment.
  • You can save the images and videos easily using the GB Instagram app.
  • You can also copy the comments.
  • It provides you with zoom in and zooms out features on every photo or video.
  • This will allow you to run two Instagram accounts at the same time on the same phone.
  • It does not require rooting your mobile phone.

How to download and Install GB Instagram App?

You need to follow the given steps to download and install the GB Instagram apk.

  • First, search for the GB Instagram apk on Google (or any other search engine).
  • Now, download the Gb Instagram from the related searches.
  • You can now install the GB Instagram from the downloads folder.
  • After installing the Gb Instagram on your mobile phone you can create a new Instagram account.
  • Or you can use the pre-existing account.
  • Now, almost every interface is the same as the original Instagram (for old features).

Now enjoy using GB Instagram and stay ahead of other Instagram users.